The latest technologically advanced PRP therapy with plasma-lift effect is a non-invasive response to aesthetic treatments with platelet-rich plasma.

Inspired by regenerative medicine the treatment includes 2 Signal peptides, W3 Peptide and GHK-Cu, which remodel the skin and restore its youthfulness. The therapy perfectly enhances the effects of professional dermal aesthetic treatments and is especially recommended as a shock treatment aimed at a comprehensive and total rejuvenation of mature skin with wrinkles and photoaging.

It is also recommended after invasive procedures that require accelerated regeneration. The therapy gives spectacular anti-aging effects in combination with other MD aesthetic therapies.

Treatment method: Micro needling (dr pen) 


Signature therapy facilitating face contour correction in the so-called ”V” zone (i.e. the cheeks, the mandible area, and the chin) as well as cosmetic body sculpting.

Combines the effects of carboxytherapy and thread lift. The main active substances, i.e. ximenynic acid and arginine improve micro-circulation, oxygen supply, nourish and tighten the muscles thus effectively reducing or eliminating furrows and wrinkles, skin inelasticity and double chin.

The main active substances: ximenynic acid and arginine, face contour-remodelling peptide.

– sagging mandible line contour and double chin
– skin showing first signs of aging
– loss of facial skin suppleness
– dull, tired, stressed skin
– cellulite and local fat deposits
– home-based skin care after body-sculpting treatments (e.g. carboxytherapy)

Treatment method: Micro needling (dr pen) 


A break-through dermo-aesthetic therapy that includes a patented XEP™-018 neuropeptide which non-invasively reduces mimic wrinkles. Its effect rests in relaxing facial muscles responsible for the formation of expression lines. It is a safe therapy designed to intensely smooth the skin, guaranteeing botox–like effects and natural appearance.


– mature skin
– mimic wrinkles
– anti-aging therapy
– as botulinum injections alternative
– to be used in between botulinum injections to prolong its effects and delay the next injection

Treatment method: Micro needling (dr pen, derma roller) 

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