Hy+ Firming Mask 1pcs

Hy+ Firming Mask 1pcs


Exclusive single-dose mask with immediate flash effect. Skin elasticity and moisture get imbalanced by external influences (heating, air conditioning, the sun, etc.). Skin looks dehydrated, with small wrinkles and lifeless. Firming Mask by FR~HAUT Cosmetics represents an intensive cure that provides the skin with nourishing and firming substances the skin needs. The result: skin will be fresh, smooth and soft again. This is the ideal complement for salon and even home treatments.

Active substances: High molecular weight hyaluronic acid, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, aloe barbadensis, taurine and allantoin.

Home application: Apply once or twice a week. Take mask out of the package. Allow some 10- 15 minutes to take effect. Then, remove gauze and massage until fully absorbed.

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