DepiGen PEEL Serum 30ml

DepiGen PEEL Serum 30ml


A concentrated serum providing multi-directional skin care with discoloration problems of various etiologies. It has an innovative formula based on gentisic acid, enriched with hexylresorcinol and a complex of synergistically acting oils with properties that lighten pigmentation changes. Gentisic acid is a strong and safe tyrosinase inhibitor. It prevents excessive accumulation of pigment in the epidermis and effectively brightens discoloration. Its action is enhanced by hexylresorcinol, which significantly reduces melanogenesis, bleaches, and promotes peeling of the surface horny layers and the residual melanin pigments contained in them. At the same time, the compilation of rosehip oil and blackcurrant seed oil reduces the sun discoloration, strengthens the lipid barrier of the epidermis, moisturizes, tones and regenerates. The skin is full of radiance, discolorations are brightened and the skin regains its even tone. The serum is recommended for home use supporting the effects of the DepiGen Peel treatment.

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