To maintain a youthful and fresh look, skin needs oxygen. Oxygen is an energy donor for cell division and cell renovation.

Redness or couperose problems are originated by a poor blood circulation. Besides this, with the years, skin blood vessels compress, thus reducing the necessary amount of oxygen, which in turn affects cells’ capacity for regeneration. Skin loses its compact structure, the depth of wrinkles increases and skin grows weaker and older. Obstructed vessels are visible through the skin.

Oxygen02 by Freihaut introduces a system for skin care which increases oxygen assimilation by skin cells and improves blood flow. Cell respiration is intensified. Thanks to this positive effect for cell metabolism, cell replacement is increased by 31% and oxygen replacement is also significantly increased. Skin cells receive fresh energy.

The success in cases of couperose is impressive. Besides this, thanks to the dynamics developed by OxygenO2 in cell activities the depth of wrinkles is reduced. The skin absorbs more moisture again and giving it a homogeneous and vivacious appearance.