What Is Micro-Needling?

Microneedle Therapy is a form of Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)  is one the newest, easiest and most effective skin treatments available at Ewa'sBeauty Centre. This Advanced Therapy is intended to significantly improve the appearance of acne scars, aged and sun damaged skin, facial and décolleté lines, wrinkles and stretch marks. It is also said to be useful in dramatically increasing absorption of topically applied skin preparations.


Indication for Micro Needling:

• Stretch marks 

• Acne scars

• Wrinkles and fine lines reduction

• Anti-ageing effects

• Cellulite reduction

• Sagging (Lack of firmness on face or body)

• Age brown spots & sun burns damage

• Under-eye puffy bags

• Hair loss (Alopecia)

• Hyper pigmentation

Contraindications of Micro Needling:

Using a derma roller is not recommended for those with the following skin or general health conditions:
• Those with active infections
• Chronic skin disorders
• Blood clotting problems
• Poor healing
• Keloid scaring
• Active acne
• Eczema
• Rosacea
• Psoriasis
• Severe solar keratosis
• Raised moles or warts

How does skin needling work?

 The concept of skin needling is based on the skin’s natural ability to repair itself whenever it encounters physical damage such as cuts, burns and other abrasions. Immediately after an injury occurs to the skin our body reuses the damaged collagen and elastin fibres as well as other damaged skin components to produce new ones. Skin needling allows for controlled induction of the skin’s self repair mechanism by creating micro “injuries” in the skin which triggers new collagen synthesis, yet does not pose the risk of permanent scarring. The result is smoother, firmer and younger looking skin.

What happens post-treatment?

After the procedure the clients skin will be red and flushed in appearance in a similar way to moderate sunburn. The client will also experience skin tightness and mild sensitivity to touch on the area being treated. This will diminish greatly after a few hours following treatments and within the next 24 hours the skin will be completely healed. After 3 days there is barely any evidence that the procedure has taken place.

How quickly are results visible?

 Visible results of skin rejuvenation are seen after just 2-6 weeks following procedure and continue over the following months for up to a year. A course of four to eight  skin needling sessions, at 2-4  week intervals, is usually recommended to achieve optimum results; however great skin improvement is noticeable after just one treatment. Clients are also encouraged to use the Home use Dermastamp model on a daily basis in between their  skin needling sessions to enhance procedure results.  

Is skin needling safe?

 Skin needling does not involve injections and therefore allergic reactions and side-effects are unlikely. It is minimally invasive, involves minimal downtime (max. 24hrs), rapid healing and requires simple after-care. Clinical skin needling is minimally invasive and normally no blood is drawn, however small amounts of pin point bleeding in clients with thin skin may occur and should be considered as normal.


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