What is a BioRePeelCI3 ?

It is an innovative biphasic, patented medical device with a biostimulating, revitalizing and peeling action.  

It is a complete aesthetic medical treatment for topical use , painless, without needles and suitable for every skin type.

BioRePeel is excellent in anti-ageing due to it containing all the essential amino acids and vitamins your skin needs. It also contains 35% TCA and GABA (Gamma Aminobutyrric Acid) which is muscle relaxant and thereby reduces wrinkles.

As a result, the combination of active components allows it to effectively prevent the ageing of the skin. Also, it decreases damage from UV light, pigmentation or acne. The essence of the treatment lies within its mild exfoliation. In addition, the powerful stimulation of biosynthetic processes restore the structure of the skin.

Furthermore, the treatment is suitable for young skin during acute stages of acne, black heads, with recent or “fresh” scaring, as well as treating fine wrinkles.

How does it work?
It is an innovative treatment, using a patented 2-phase technology.
1. Lipophilic phase
  • Stabilizing and protective action
  • Reduce trans- epidermic water evaporation
  • Regenerating action
  • Moisturising action
2. Hydrophilic phase
  • Biostimulating action ( stimulates fibroblasts activity)
  • Revitalising action (increase cellular turnover and production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid
  • Keratolytic and peeling action (removes outer cells of stratum corneum
  • Anti-aging and antioxidant actions (reduce fine lines by neautralization of free radicals)
  • Anti Acne - it helps battling acne, eliminates comedones and it has an astringent effect on enlarged pores.
What are the benefits of the BioRePeel ?
  • There is no preparation or downtime required

  • It exfoliates, removing dead skin cells encouraging skin to regenerate

  • It reduces Acne with its anti microbial and antibacterial properties

  • Leaves skin feeling soft, refreshed, revitalised and clean

  • It can be performed on the face, neck, decolletage, hands, feet, arms, legs and other parts of your body.

What do you expect during treatment?

After cleansing and prep wipe your skin,  BioRePeel is applied to the skin, during this treatment you will feel a tingling sensation. 


  • minimal downtime (maybe a little redness)

  • no needle

  • no frost

  • multifunctional

  • immediate result - excellent for that brighter tighter look

  • no post treatment scars

  • no oxidation darkening

  • for all ages

  • no photosensibilization 

​After the treatment it is essential that you continue to wear a high SPF facial cream to protect your skin from sun damage and maintain best results. 

SPF 50 Block cream is available to purchase at ESTHE.lab


  • pigmentation

  • wrinkles and scars

  • enlarge pores

  • acne prone skin

  • congested skin

  • skin lack of elasticly


  • pregnancy and brest feeding

  • alergy to any comonent of preparation

  • active bacterial, fungal, viral lesions (e.g. herpes),

  • numerous birthmarks on the skin, broken skin



  • For the best results a series of 4-6 treatments should be performed every 14-21 days.


  • Face - £65

  • Face, neck & décolletage - £105

  • BioRePeel+ microneedling - Face - £110

  • BioRePeel + microneedling - Face, neck & décolletage £150

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