60min | £35

Combination of natural essences to heal impure and unbalanced skins. Most suitable to treat sensitive skin with acne or dermatitis. 

Thanks to its high concentration of disinfectant, soothing and purifying active substances, it is indispensable for facial hygienes in any skin type, acne treatments and dermatitis. The result: a younger, firmer look.

Main active substances in this range: hamamelis, ivy, horsetail, sage, hop, chamomile, rose hip, salicylic acid, clay and vitamins


Balanced Face by Freihaut has been developed to help  combating common skin problems such as acne, dermatitis, scars or dilated pore, as well as daily face cleanse, both at the salon and at home.

Experience has proven that natural extracts tend to have a softer effect and a more balanced action because of the presence of other organic components that enhance the chemical reactions. Some of the natural extracts used in Balanced Face by Freihaut are: arnica, birch, marigold, ivy and lavender.

All these and many more are among the essential oils used by Freihaut for the manufacturing of their products. These oils have been cherry picked and extensively used in both medicine and cosmetics since antiquity. A real solution proposed by Nature to solve impure and irritated skins.

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